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Arizona Sports Betting

Sports betting in Arizona was first on the table in 2019. The first proposal would have licensed tribal casinos to offer retail sports betting via betting kiosks as well as at bars around the state. There was no support for this effort.

Then new gaming compacts with the Native American tribes in the state were negotiated. The tribes, who run more than 20 casino establishments, wanted to expand their gambling products (adding table games to their offering) and threatened resistance if they would not be included in future sports betting regulations.

Once new gaming compacts were signed, sports betting legislation moved also forward and was signed into law on April 15th, 2021. Here you will find all the details about sports betting in Arizona

Top AZ Online Sportsbooks 2022  

Best AZ mobile sports betting apps 

When sports betting went live in September 2021, it did so offline and online. Quite a few sportsbooks already partnered with Arizona sports teams and Native American tribes, which enabled them to launch quickly.

Currently 18 of the possible 20 sportsbooks operate in the Grand Canyon state. That makes finding the right one for you certainly somewhat challenging. There is, of course, nothing stopping you from signing up at more than one sportsbook.

Here we introduce a few:


DraftKings is, of course, a national powerhouse in sports betting. In Arizona they are worth your consideration due to their many connections to top sports leagues for which they regularly offer special promotions during their seasons. Plus, we really like their betting carousel, which gives you tailored betting options depending on your previous preferences.


One of the most user-friendly apps is the FanDuel sportsbook, which is easy to navigate and offers just all-round a great user-experience. Their same-game parlays are an added bonus for many users.


The BetRivers app may not be the greatest to use, but the iRush Rewards program is one of the best you can join if you like some extra incentives. Of course, you will find a varied sportsbook with plenty of betting options here as well. The app is just not as smooth as much of the competition.

Caesars Sportsbook

If you like something a little different, potentially daring, you should check out the PointsBet When Caesars acquired William Hill, their sportsbook offering expanded enormously. They offer a vast range of sports to bet on and just about more betting options than most competitors. There are also plenty of promotions available and a rewards program. You won’t find a slick app here, however, rather than a somewhat drab but functional book that comes without frills.

History of betting and online sports betting in AZ 

Pari-mutuel betting has been legal in Arizona since 1935. But for many decades it was the only legal form of gambling at the three horse racing tracks in the state. Given that Nevada is a neighbouring state, most gambling and betting enthusiasts went on a trip to Las Vegas instead.

Interestingly, Arizona was one of the first states that established a state lottery in 1980. Once the Indian Gaming Regulatory Act of 1988 allowed Native American tribes to offer casino-like gambling on their territory, Arizona tribes established slot casinos on their land.

They did so without having negotiated compacts with the state, which resulted in the state forcing most establishments to be shut down. Eventually, however, the tribes and the Arizona government came to an agreement and compacts were negotiated.

It is worth noting that the tribal casinos were never full-fledged casinos of Las Vegas variety. Mostly, they just offered slots, though blackjack was allowed as well.

Hence, when the state wanted to implement sports betting, the tribes saw the opportunity to negotiate a gambling expansion as well. They wanted to be able to offer table games such roulette and craps. Since the state wanted to also be able to offer sports betting outside of tribal casino, the gaming compacts had to be renegotiated.

Ultimately, the tribes got their gambling expansion as well as sports betting and the state was able to implement the rules around sports betting as it desired.

As such, Governor Ducey signed sports betting into law in April 2021 with the official launch of retail and online sports betting set for September 2021.

This was a very quick turn-around and just in time for the new NFL season.

Future of sports betting in AZ

Arizona sports betting allows for a total of 20 sports betting licenses to be issued by the Arizona Department of Gaming. Ten of these licenses went to the tribes and another ten to local pro sports betting teams that were allowed to partner with a sportsbook.

Each license makes provisions for a single retail sportsbook and two online skins. This means there is certainly room for growth when it comes to adding further sportsbooks to the line-up in Arizona. Licensing fees are also not a particular hurdle with $100,000 for the application, $750,000 for the initial license and $150,000 to renew the license each year.

With just 10% taxes on online wagers and 8% taxes on retail wagers, plenty of sportsbook have entered the Arizona market.

This begs the question where things may go in the future. College sports betting is allowed, though college prop bets on individual athletes or teams are not, which is reasonable and unlikely to change.

Given that Arizona reported $1.75 billion in wagers during its first four months of sports betting, the sky seems to be the limit.

But it remains to be seen whether things remain as they are as there are more Native American tribes than there were licenses agreed upon. The tribes received ten licenses, which meant not each tribe would end up getting one. Some of them has therefore sued and the matter is with the courts. If the courts decide that all tribes deserve equal chances to offer sports betting, there is indeed a chance that more licenses will have to be issued and even more sportsbooks may join the fray.

How to get started in AZ with a sportsbook or mobile betting app 

With currently 18 sportsbooks live in the Grand Canyon State, there is a lot to choose from when considering which mobile betting app to sign up to.

Depending on your needs and preferences, you could easily sign up with two or even more books to get the best of each of them. After all, no app is ever truly perfect, but a combination may just suit you best.

Whichever you will end up choosing, you will likely follow these general steps:

  • Make sure to only install mobile betting apps that are licensed through the ADG
  • Register or sign up for an account (make sure to use proper credentials, including name, address, age, and the last four digits of your SSN)
  • Allow the app or site to confirm your location (usually done via a separate geo-location app)
  • Make a deposit
  • Claim the welcome bonus (be sure to first read the terms and conditions)
  • Start betting

If you sign up at more than one app you can shop around for the best odds before you start betting, which is generally a good idea.

What sports can you place wagers on in AZ? 

Indiana has some home-grown professional franchises, which you will easily be able to bet on Arizona has plenty of pro franchises to please fans of any of the major leagues. Naturally, all books will offer a wealth of betting options for each of the franchises in their respective seasons. Since they are all partnered with a sportsbook, you might want to check out their partner books for special promotions.


The Arizona Cardinals are partnered with BetMGM. They hold a few division titles, though their last NFL championship titles pre-dates the AFL-NFL merger. They did appear in the 2021 playoffs, however, so maybe we’ll see them take home the trophy eventually.


TThe Phoenix Suns are partnered with FanDuel. Whilst they have not yet scored a championship, their latest division title is from 2022, following up on the 2021 title. So, there is certainly plenty of ambition for more and the potential as well.


The Phoenix Mercury are partnered with Bally Bet. Whilst one of the favourites to win the upcoming WNBA championship, the team has mostly been in the news in connection with its star player Brittney Griner, who is currently (still as of May 2022) detained in Russia. The team, the WNBA and the US government are still working to bring her home.


The Arizona Diamondbacks are partnered with Caesars Sportsbook. The Diamondbacks were only established in 1998 and have managed to win the world series in 2001, though not since. They do have several division titles and fans are hoping they will win the world series again.

College Sports

Betting on college sports is allowed in Arizona and there are only very few restrictions. This includes prop bets on individual players or teams, which are not allowed. But all other betting on college sports is available in the state.

And they do have their share of worthy programs with football and basketball being the most prominent ones, of course.

Check out the odds for the Arizona Wildcats, the Arizona State Sun Devils, Grand Canyon Antelopes and the  Northern Arizona Lumberjacks at your sportsbook of choice and you won’t be disappointed at the options you will be able to find.

AZ Sports Betting FAQ

Do I need to be an AZ resident to bet on sports online?

No, but as with all other states that have legalised sports betting, you must be located within AZ borders when registering an account or when using the sportsbook app. You will be required to download a geo-location app to verify your location. And you must be 21 years or older to sign up to sportsbook.

What is the tax rate for AZ sportsbooks?

Online sports betting revenue is taxed at 10 % in AZ, whilst retail sports betting is taxed at 8%.

Is online casino gambling legal in AZ?

No. Given that the current governor is against gambling, it also seems unlikely that it will become legal anytime soon.

Can I bet on college sports in AZ?

Yes, you can bet on college sports. The only exception are prop bets on individual players and teams, but otherwise there is plenty of opportunity on college sports betting

Is DFS legal in AZ?

Yes. Daily fantasy sports have been legalised as part of the gambling expansion in 2021.