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Football Betting Guide

This football betting guide will help both newcomers to sports betting. The guide will explain to readers how to bet on football, the different bets available to wager on the sport and will help the reader gain a better understanding of football betting and give the reader more confidence in betting on the sport.

Top Sportsbooks for Football Betting

How to Bet on Football

The most common bets to place on football are the moneyline, spread and total points. Any betting site on the internet will have the odds available for the three most common forms of football betting as well as the different props bets that are offered for football. Betting on football is different than other sports as the NFL season is just 17 games long, while the baseball season, for example, is 162 games in length and NBA and NHL are 82 games. 

The moneyline gives odds on what team will win outright. The problem with betting a moneyline is there can be odds, such as a favorite being -500 or more, which means your return will be small as they are such a big favorite. Or, if you decide to take a big underdog at +1000 the return can be huge but the risk is also very high. However, when the game is between two evenly matched teams, the moneyline is a popular choice. The point spread bet is simple. The favorite must win by more than the spread. If the Dallas Cowboys are favored at -7, and you like the Cowboys, Dallas must win by eight points or more. The point total bet is the total points scored between the two teams and the bettor decides if the game will end with the points under or above that total.

Many experienced football bettors will watch the point spread and total points total throughout the week and wait until just before the kickoff to place their bets. With mobile betting becoming so popular, live betting on football has increased and adds to the enjoyment of the game.

Football Betting Strategy

When it comes to betting on football there are two specific different types of bets. One is current betting for the games that will be played that week while the other form is futures betting, which focuses on what team will win the AFC West Division, the AFC or NFC and the Super Bowl, as well as several other forms such as what player will win the most valuable player award or which player will win the rushing title and more.

When it comes to current betting many football bettors like to focus on the point spread, how it is affected by playing at home versus on the road and how injuries play a big role in the end. For example, if Kansas City is playing on the road against Las Vegas, an AFC West division rival, the spread could be Kansas City -5 but if KC quarterback Patrick Mahomes is out injured the spread could drop by as many as three to five points and could become PK (Pick) without any team being favored. 

The injury reports are huge in football since the season is shorter and injuries to one or more key players on offense or defense can change the course of an entire season. Another common strategy is taking the under on the point total if key offensive skills position players (quarterback, running backs, receivers) are injured, which means fewer points could be generated by that particular team. Betting sites offer not only total points between both teams but also individual team point totals, where injuries come into play even more.

Football Betting FAQs

How many states have legalized sports betting?

As of 2022, 30 states plus Washington, D.C., have live, legalized       sports betting and another five are not yet operational. 

How do I join a sports betting site to bet on football?

You must provide personal information such as name, address, phone number, email and date of birth. Certain sites may request more data. 

Can I join more than one football betting site?

Yes. The number of sites you can join is up to you.    

Can you bet during a football game?

Yes. Most if not all sports betting sites offer live betting for football.