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Colorado Sports Betting

Legalising sports betting in Colorado was a much smoother process than in many other states. After PASPA was repealed, a sports betting bill was introduced and (narrowly) passed both chambers of the Colorado General Assembly in 2019. In November that year, voters had to give their approval as well, which was once again a narrow decision with only 20,000 votes securing the victory.

Since May 2020, all Colorado casinos have been allowed to open sportsbooks (one skin per casino), and thus far, 26 have done so. A total of 33 casinos are available in the state and able to open their own books.

Top CO online sportsbooks 2022

Best CO mobile sports betting apps

With 26 mobile sports betting apps available in CO, it’s downright impossible to simply give you our top 3, 5 or even 10. Instead, we will give you the best apps for different categories. That way you can decide which app you might want to check out depending on your preferences. You will find that some sportsbooks will make appearances in more than one category.

Most user-friendly mobile apps: DraftKings and FanDuel – easily the best apps in this category with awesome navigation, smooth interfaces and just an overall great user-experience. TheScore Bet app is also great to use.

Best in-app features: Here DraftKings’ bet carousel and BetMGM’s ‘edit my bet’ features are clear winners, offering a unique experience for customers that other sportsbooks lack. Another option to consider is Betway, where you can construct your own bets.

Most betting options: If you are looking for a varied sportsbook with more sports to bet on than just the usual range of popular American sports, your best options are BetMGM, Caesars and Betway. The latter especially offers plenty of betting on niche sports you may not find elsewhere.

Best for live betting: Anyone who prefer live action when betting mobile will want to check out Betway’s app. They have some of the best live betting available. TheScore Bet is also a worthwhile option to check out.

Best for rewards and promotions: If you love to get something extra, there are plenty of apps in CO to choose from. Check out Caesars, BetRivers, Betfred and PointsBet. Whilst every sportsbook offers some sort of sign-up bonus and other incentives, these have some of the best rewards or promotions out there.

History of betting and online sports betting in CO

The situation of betting and online sports betting in Colorado is certainly a unique one and is founded in the fact that Colorado has three former mining towns in the Rockies that evolved into small casino towns.

But let’s go back to the beginnings. The three mining towns Black Hawk, Central City and Cripple Creek were struggling in the late 1980s. There wasn’t much left to mine and somehow the three cities banded together after taking a look at Deadwood, South Dakota, a town that had similarly struggled and had become a limited gambling town. Indeed, Deadwood is the only town in S.D. where gambling is legal.

Following this model, the three towns banded together and eventually backed a gambling referendum, which was approved by voters in November 1990 and resulted in legalised gambling to be established by October 1991 when the first wager was placed.

Today, there are 13 casinos in Black Hawk, 8 in Central City and 12 in Cripple Creek. In total, CO has 33 retail casinos, which became the basis for later establishing sports betting in the state.

When PASPA was repealed in 2018, Colorado was one of the first states to look into legalising sports betting as well. In 2019, sports betting bill HB 19-1327 was introduced and narrowly got approved by bother chambers before it was signed by the governor. However, voters also had to give their approval. According to the Taxpayer Bill of Rights (TABOR) Colorado taxpayers are required to approve any measure that increases taxes. And in this case, a 10% tax would be due on operators who wanted to offer sports betting in Colorado.

Once again, the vote was narrow. Only 20,000 votes in favour of Proposition DD made the difference but resulted in sports betting to become fully legal and go live in May 2020.

Sports betting became tied to the 33 land-based casinos, which were each able to apply for a Master License to offer land-based and online sports betting via separate or the same partners.

As of now, 26 mobile betting apps are available in the Centennial State.

Future of sports betting in CO

What does the future hold for sports betting in Colorado? One would think with a lively gambling culture and more sports betting available than almost any other state, Colorado has already reached the peak.

But no. There is still some room for growth and improvements. Not all casinos have launched a sportsbook yet, so a few new mobile apps could enter the market soon.

It is also worth noting that esports are currently not allowed, which is another opportunity to expand the market. Whether it will be legalised eventually remains to be seen.

Beyond that, sports betting in CO is thriving and the market has seen continued growth. Indeed, since sports betting has been launched in the state over $6 billion have been wagered in the state – a wild number to consider.

How to get started in CO with a sportsbook or mobile betting app

With so many sports betting apps to choose from in Colorado, the task to find the right one for you is likely going to be daunting. Be sure to read out sportsbook reviews, a majority of which are available in CO as well.

Whichever sportsbook you end up choosing, the sign-up process is often very similar and will look very much like this:

  • Download and install the sportsbook app on your mobile device
  • Launch the app and click on the “Register” or “Sign up” button
  • Fill in all your details (address, email address, user name, age, last four digits of your SN, etc.) – the legal age in CO for sports betting is 21
  • Submit your information and your email address
  • Make your first deposit
  • Claim the welcome bonus (but be sure to read the terms and conditions as not all of them have attractive wagering requirements)
  • Start searching your favourite sports, teams and betting options to place your first wager

Registering an account with a mobile sports betting app is usually just a matter of minutes and easy to follow. You will have to verify your location as you will have to be physically located in CO to sign up for any sports betting app. Usually, you will simply be prompted to download the recommended app and once installed, it will verify that you are indeed within CO borders.

If you plan to register at an offshore betting site, no such thing will be necessary, but why would you do that? It is much safer to use a properly licensed Colorado betting site, which is regulated and offers the best possible service for you.

What sports can you place wagers on in CO?

Colorado’s capital is home to several pro franchises, which are popular betting options in the state. Depending on your favourite sport, we have a brief overview of the pro teams for you and whether or not your wagers on them will yield successful returns.


The Denver Broncos are the prime pick for NFL fans in Colorado. The 3-time Super Bowl champions haven’t been in the playoffs since 2015 but they are definitely one of the best NFL teams out there and fans are betting on their return as champions in the future. They are partnered with Betfred, which you can use to bet on their games at the Empire Field at Mile High via your mobile device.


It’s been a while that Colorado Avalanche won a Stanley Cup, but the 2-time champions are still favoured by their fans. The franchise has partnered with PointsBet, making it the ideal platform for your bets on the team, especially if you want to use special deals and offers.


Incidentally, the Denver Nuggets have also partnered with PointsBet, so if you like both teams, you have even more reason to pick their app for all your bets on either of those franchises. Their last division title was in 2020, so they are certainly a safe bet in the future as well.


The Colorado Rockies have been established in 1993, which makes them one of the younger baseball franchises. They have yet to win a world series, but if you want to support them, check out WynnBet, who they have partnered with, giving you special odds during the season.


The Colorado Rapids are a founding member of the MLS, winning the MLS cup in 2010 for the first and only time thus far. They are the only professional team in CO that has no partnership with a sportsbook, which is not to say that you won’t find plenty of betting options at a book of your choice.


With far fewer restriction on betting on college sports in Colorado, punters are free to bet on their favourite college teams such as the Buffaloes, State Rams, Air Force Falcons or Denver Pioneers. Individual player proposition bets on college sports are not permitted, however. But beyond that you will be able to enjoy plenty of college sports betting at your favourite sportsbook.

Of course, there are plenty of other sports to bet on at sportsbooks in Colorado, but these tend to be the most popular ones. If you care more for tennis, golf, or motorsports, you will find betting options for these at most sportsbooks.

Colorado FAQs

Do I need to be a CO resident to bet on sports online?

No, but it is important that you are located within CO borders when registering an account or when using the sportsbook app. You will be required to download a geo-location app to verify your location as well. And you must be 21 years or older to sign up to sportsbook.

What is the tax rate CO casinos and sportsbooks have to pay?

All operators pay 10% in taxes on their gross sports betting revenue, which is one of the lowest rates in the country.

Do I have to pay taxes on my winnings from sports betting?

If you win more than $600, your operator will automatically send you a W-2G form as your winnings above that are taxable income. It is possible to write off your losses, but you will need to report your winnings in turn. It is also important to keep in mind that you can’t deduct more losses than wins. If you win $1,000 but have lost $3,000, you can only deduct $1,000.

Can I bet at offshore sportsbooks?

You can technically sign up at offshore sportsbook and use them as you see fit, but with such a wide selection of legal sportsbooks in Colorado, why would you? If you bet and lose at an offshore sportsbook, you can’t write off your losses and if you bet and win but don’t get paid out, you will have nowhere to help you with your claims. Your safest choice are licensed CO sportsbooks when betting on sports.

Is DFS legal in CO?

Yes, DFS was legalised in 2016 and sites such as DraftKings or FanDuel are available for you to use. Note, the minimum age to register an account here is 18.