Chip's 'Guaranteed' AFC 10*Megabucks Winner
(NFL) New England vs. Houston, 11/22/2020 1:00 PM, Score: 20 - 27
Point Spread: 2.50 | -113.00 Houston (Home)
Result: Win
New England at Houston 1:00 ET
Texans (+) over Patriots- This is it, this is the one...if it is to win, I believe that business must done! New England despite all their problems still conduct themselves and play like professionals while the 'troubles' surrounding this Houston team goes deeper than we will ever realize. The Patriots rose up for us last Sunday taking down the Ravens outright and now take to the road facing a team in total turmoil that is 2-7 with a pair of wins over Jacksonville who has just one victory themselves. In days gone by I would have no difficulty using the Texans as a best bet...but not on top today. Pats should stumble and the Texans should take advantage...'And thine shall be done.' Take HOUSTON!