10* Money-Bomb
(NFL) Denver vs. Kansas City, 12/01/2013 11:25 AM, Score: 35 - 28
Point Spread: -4.50 | -109.00 Denver (Away)
Result: Win
Taking the BRONCOS here. Who is still buying this KC defense? Or offense for that matter. This is a banged up group. We had the Chargers last week in what was a prime let down spot in a Denver sandwich. The problem for KC in my eyes is they lost Tamba Hali and Justin Houston last week. They won't be seeing the field today. That is 20 sacks combined missing. Do you think the pass rush might suffer a little? They need to get pressure on Manning. Denver has won 3 straight and 7 of the last 10 in this series. Broncos just lost to NE in horrible fashion. NE now sits at 8-3 and a loss here will drop this AFC West team to 9-3. The fact is that Manning and Denver have the better defense for this game today. I can't see them dropping b2b road games. With the defense banged up, I don't think Alex Smith is going to orchestrate another near 40 point performance. I can just hear every person saying this to a friend over wings before kick-off. KC is 9-2. No way they lose 3 straight games! 10* Money-Bomb DENVER BRONCOS