5* Best Bet
(NFL) NY Giants vs. New England, 08/11/2022 7:00 PM, Score: 23 - 21
Money Line: -124.00 NY Giants (Away)
Result: Win
Taking the GIANTS. Now. You know that I am a Cowboys fan. And to come in here and back the Giants as Best Bet. Yeah. Painful! And against The Hoodie. The Hoodie who is pretty darn good in pre-season over his career (50-35 ATS) I'm tossing that out though. Giants turn to Mike Kafka! Mike Kafka from Northwestern who tossed for a cool 500+ Yards in an Outback loss! He had been with KC as the QB Coach + passing coordinator. Bringing this New York team to the modern passing world. I think we see some offense tonight from the GMen. And, I think we some defense. HC Daboll said he expects everyone to play. That is good to hear. But honestly, do I expect to see starters for a quarter. Not really. I am happy to see Tyrod Taylor get a decent shot at 2nd and 3rd stringers though. And Davis Webb will be chucking when he comes in also. We have a new HC/ OC/ DC so they want to see what they got on the roster. Giants looking for a fresh start and some wins. 1 winning season the last 8. 4-6-4 wins the last 3 years. They are in no position to take a pre-season game lightly. 5* Best Bet NEW YORK GIANTS