(NBA) Dallas vs. Golden State, 05/18/2022 9:00 PM, Score: 87 - 112
Point Spread: -5.50 | -110.00 Golden State (Home)
Result: Win
The Mavs took down the Suns in seven games in a big upset of the #1 seed in the West and were up as many as 46 pts.

The Warriors took down Memphis in six games despite playing terrible with the exception of game six and game three. Golden State should come out strong here in game 1 on their home court after Dallas had a rare road win in game 7.

Take the Warriors to get the win and cover at home. I see Curry and Thompson shooting well and I think they have enough good defenders to throw at Luka to at least throw him off here in the first game and keep the other Maverick players in check.