(MLB) Minnesota vs. Oakland, 05/18/2022 3:37 PM, Score: 14 - 4
Money Line: -165.00 Minnesota (Away)
Result: Win
Minnesota can't just expect to win easily and think Oakland will roll over - they won't. Their ability to pilfer bases is too much. Minnesota's defense has been really quick and will control the ability of the A's trying to sneak around the bases.
The Twins are strong with their 12th ranked batting avg. Byron Buxton has a huge bat, hitting 11 dingers this season, with a .256 avg that can beat outfielders.

Oakland has not looked real comfortable over the last 2 weeks. The A's have been getting beat by 2-3 runs almost every single time. The ability to get guys into position will be the most important factor in this game with Minnesota.

Minnesota wins as Sonny Gray beats his old team this afternoon!