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Since becoming a pro handicapping service in the Summer of 2012, Art Aronson has finished with numerous No. 1, Top 5 and Top 10 placements in almost all of the major North American sports. In 2012 they finished among the nation's leaders in the NFL. The stars would align for Art in 2013, it would finish among the best in the World in College Football, the NBA and in the NHL (both in the regular season and in the playoffs). In fact, they accomplished what no other handicapper or service has ever done in the history of the industry in 2013/14, ultimately finishing with three Top 5 placements in three different sports in the same wagering season, including two No. 1's (NCAAF and NBA) and finishing No. 2 in NHL. Art was widely regarded as one of the most decorated services in the World that year. 2014 saw Aronson finish among the countries elite in the NFL preseason, while also once again finishing among the very best on the pro hardwood. The 2015/16 season saw Art finish among the best in the nation on the NFL gridiron, capped off with an incredible 11-3 (79%) Playoff run. 2016 was another overall positive season for AAA Sports and it was highlighted by a couple of now legendary/historic victories. In the Summer of 2016, AAA would go on to correctly call +795 Iceland over England in the Euro Cup Tournament, while also going on to take the Cavaliers +185 on the money-line in Game 7 of the NBA Finals. 2016 also saw them put together their best ever MLB campaign, finishing with +$17,000 units. What can you expect with a weekly/monthly or sport specific subscription? A LOT of plays! AAA Sports plays almost every single "weeknight" Football game (both the NFL and College), as well as 5 to 7 game Football cards on Saturday and Sunday. You can also expect large NBA, NHL and College Basketball cards each and every day possible. MLB cards are released very early so that you always have time to shop around for the best lines possible. AAA Sports didn't put together its amazing life-time records by playing passively! Ratings of Plays: Plays are rated on 1-10 "star" basis. AAA Sports' biggest football and basketball "point-spread (ATS)" plays receive their 10* ranking. Nearly all of their point-spread plays fall in the 8* to 10* range, as AAA has confidence in all their plays and doesn't believe in significant variances in wager sizes. Keep your eyes open for these "signature" releases. ASSASSIN: Always a 10* BIG TICKET. Can be a side or total. Normally for picks ranged up to -160 for money line sports (NHL/MLB). Also used in NBA, NFL, NCAAF, CBB, Soccer. RED DRAGON: Can be a total or side, always a 10* BIG TICKET. These are AAA's very biggest "pick-em" ranged packages in MLB and NHL. Also used in NBA, NFL, NCAAF, CBB, Soccer. Notoriously accurate! ART OF WAR: Can be a total or side, always a 10* BIG TICKET. AAA doesn't limit themselves on the price range here (anywhere from a pick to -200). If there is value to be had at -200 and the "situation" and the "ATS stats" are overwhelming, then AAA will pull the trigger and lay the price with confidence (MLB/NHL). Also used in NBA, NFL, NCAAF, CBB and Soccer. Systems Used in Handicapping: AAA Sports does not subscribe to any single handicapping methodology, but instead they feel that being flexible with ones approach is the best way to secure profits over the longterm. Sometimes they keep it simple, while other times they'll take into account numerous different factors, like motivation, scheduling and significant injuries. Recognizing classic "spot bets" is something they always do as well, IE: the "look ahead" spot, the "let down" spot and the "trap" game. All of that said, they primarily considers themselves a "stat based" handicapping service. One set of criteria which they always use when making their decisions are Against The Spread (ATS) statistics. Money Management: For AAA Sports, every 10* play represents 1% of their sports betting bankroll. Wager size will vary based on bankroll size. If one has a bankroll of $10,000, then AAA recommends wagering to win $100 on each of his 10* plays. A *9 play would require wagering to win $90 and so on. Of course, in this area, the final decision is entirely up to each individual player and can vary based on individual goals and risk tolerance. A more aggressive investor may elect to wager a larger percentage of bankroll per play.
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Premium Picks
10* RED DRAGON - +$62K NBA RUN CONT! Guarantee
Off ANOTHER 10* NBA winner, looking back finds AAA Sports on a REMARKABLE +$62,000 long-term NBA streak! Off a successful 2-1 winning card on Wednesday, now AAA Sports goes STRAIGHT for the books jugular with their ULTIMATE signature release! Join them!
1 pick (
, First game starts 11 hours from now
1 pick
10* RUNLINE ASSASSIN (HUGE 44-32 YTD!) Guarantee
With yesterday's 10* MLB winner, AAA Sports is now a SIZZLING 44-32 with ALL of their MLB picks this season! Off an overall winning 2-1 card on Wednesday, the stage is now set for the PERFECT SWEEP on Thursday! It's time to GAIN MOMENTUM as we head into the weekend, so don't even consider missing out!
1 pick (
, First game starts 12 hours from now
1 pick
Art's 3 Day All Sports Pass
3 Days (05/26/2022 - 05/29/2022)
Looking for some great value? Pick up a weekly package and get SEVEN DAYS full days of picks! It's easy to see why this is one of the most popular choices on the site.
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1 Week (05/26/2022 - 06/02/2022)
Looking for some great value? Pick up a weekly package and get SEVEN DAYS full days of picks! It's easy to see why this is one of the most popular choices on the site.
All Leagues
1 Month (05/26/2022 - 06/26/2022)
With numerous No. 1 and Top 5 finishes in almost every single major North American Sports since turning pro in 2012, AAA Sports (Art Aronson) has quickly become a house hold name in the professional sports handicapping industry. Get 30 Days All Sports Subscription and start winning Today!
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AAA sports Year Pass
1 Year (05/26/2022 - 05/26/2023)
Every pick for next 365 days, save big win big here!
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Hot Streaks
AAA Sports now looks to finish May on one last patented all sports run of greatness. They're off another 10* NBA winner on Wednesday, part of a winning 2-1 overall card. AAA Sports is renowned for their ability to rip off MONSTROUS all-sports winning streaks, and there's still LOADS of time to get in on the ground floor of their next one (which starts TODAY!) Remember, they've been among THE BEST OF THE BEST with their MLB picks since Day 1, their 44-32 record is once again ON THE LINE tonight!
Free Picks
(MLB) Boston vs. Chi White Sox, 05/26/2022 8:10 PM
Money Line: -110.00 Boston (Away)

Yesterday I gave out a play on the White Sox. I advised laying the chalk, and Chicago came away with the 3-1 victory. On Thursday though I think the value has swung the other way. I like Michael Wacha in this matchup. The Red Sox were on a 6-game win streak which saw them plate 54 runs, but yesterday it left 12 runners stranded and went just 1-for-9 with men in scoring position. Wacha though is 3-0 with a 1.76 ERA this year. Keuchel is 2-4 with a 6.60 ERA this season. Look for Boston to get back on track at the plate and for Wacha to take care of the rest. Consider the Red Sox on Thursday night!

AAA Sports
Last 10 Picks
(NBA) Boston vs Miami, 05/25/2022 8:30 PM, Score: 93 : 80
Point Spread: -1.50 | -110.00, Boston (Away) Premium Win
(MLB) Boston vs Chi White Sox, 05/25/2022 8:10 PM, Score: 1 : 3
Money Line: -163.00, Chi White Sox (Home) Free Win
(MLB) Cleveland vs Houston, 05/25/2022 8:10 PM, Score: 1 : 2
Point Spread: 1.50 | -112.00, Cleveland (Away) Premium Win
(NHL) St. Louis vs Colorado, 05/25/2022 8:00 PM, Score: 5 : 4
Point Spread: -1.50 | 101.00, Colorado (Home) Premium Loss
(MLB) Kansas City vs Arizona, 05/24/2022 9:40 PM, Score: 6 : 8
Total: 8.50 | -115.00, Under Premium Loss
(NBA) Golden State vs Dallas, 05/24/2022 9:00 PM, Score: 109 : 119
Total: 215.50 | -106.00, Over Premium Win
(NHL) Carolina vs NY Rangers, 05/24/2022 7:00 PM, Score: 1 : 4
Money Line: -105.00, Carolina (Away) Premium Loss
(NHL) Colorado vs St. Louis, 05/23/2022 9:30 PM, Score: 6 : 3
Point Spread: 1.50 | -170.00, St. Louis (Home) Premium Loss
(NBA) Miami vs Boston, 05/23/2022 8:30 PM, Score: 82 : 102
Point Spread: -6.50 | -110.00, Boston (Home) Premium Win
(MLB) Cleveland vs Houston, 05/23/2022 8:10 PM, Score: 6 : 1
Total: 8.50 | -105.00, Over Premium Loss