10* CONF. CHAMP GAME OF YEAR - 7-3 (70%!)
(NFL) San Francisco vs. Philadelphia, 01/29/2023 3:00 PM, Score: 7 - 31
Money Line: -139.00 Philadelphia (Home)
Result: Win

If you're betting on this game, then you know the cast of characters on each team. Both the players and the coaches. You know the strengths and weaknesses of each of these teams. If not, there's literally millions of "review" articles out there that'll get you caught up on all of that information. I'm here to tell you why I think that the "sharp" move is to avoid the spread option with the Eagles altogether, and instead pay a bit more and just play this one on the moneyline. I do like the Eagles ATS as well, but I definitely like them a whole lot more on the moneyline, especially at this price. These two teams are even in many respects. Defensively, special teams. Each is loaded with individual talent. The bottom line for me though is about the two guys under center. Who do you trust more between Hurts and Purdy? For me, and after what I witnessed last weekend, I trust Hurts at home. Lay the price, the play is Philly on the moneyline option!

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