(NHL) Washington vs. NY Rangers, 05/03/2021 7:00 PM, Score: 6 - 3
Money Line: 100.00 NY Rangers (Home)
Result: Loss
The set-up: Both teams will be in the playoffs, and each is already "looking ahead" to that time clearly, as Washington has lost two in a row (5-4 OT loss at home to Pitt, followed by a 3-0 loss to the Pens at home tow nights later), while New York has also lost two in a row, getting blanked both times by the Islanders. There's only a few games left in the regular season and each of these team's offensive and defensive numbers are very similar. So why are the Rangers going to win today?

The pick: Home ice is important here over the final ten days. The Rangers are off back-to-back shutout losses, and note that they're 7-2 in their last nine home games, after a shutout home loss. After back-to-back shutout losses, this trend has even more weight tonight. All things considered, I believe this to be the very defintion of "great line value."

This is a 10* DESTRUCTION on the Rangers.