(MLB) San Diego vs. Philadelphia, 05/19/2022 1:05 PM, Score: 2 - 0
Money Line: -104.00 San Diego (Away)
Result: Win
T.M. Selection: San Diego Padres.

I like the San Diego Padres to win this game against the Philadelphia Phillies on Thursday. The Padres have split the 1st 2 games of this series with the Phillies and are going for the series win here. I think the Padres can take this game and the series here since they have looked really good in their games lately. The Phillies have looked good in their games lately too but I think the pitching matchup is more favorable for the Padres here and I expect them to take this road game. Yu Darvish (3-1, 4.62 ERA) is up for the Padres here and he has had a pretty good year so far. He hasn't pitched great in his starts lately but he has also had some gems this year and I think he will bounce back in this game with a much better performance. The team is also finding success with him as a starter this year since his team has won 5 games in a row with him starting. Kyle Gibson (3-1, 4.10 ERA) is up for the Phillies here and he hasn't been great in a lot of his starts this year. He just gave up 6 runs in his most recent start, pitching less than 4 innings in that game and I think he is going to have another bad performance here since he has been up and down all year with his pitching. The Padres have also looked really good hitting the ball this year and have been putting up a ton of runs in a lot of their games. The Phillies have been batting well lately but they have been very up and down with their batter this year and could go cold at anytime. I think this is a good game for the Padres to win. I like the Padres to win here.

T.M. Prediction: 5-3 Padres.