(NBA) Dallas vs. Golden State, 05/20/2022 9:00 PM, Score: 117 - 126
Point Spread: -6.00 | -110.00 Golden State (Home)
Result: Win
T.M. Selection: Golden State Warriors.

I like the Golden State Warriors to cover the spread against the Dallas Mavericks in this game on Friday. The Warriors looked really good in the 1st game of this series. They dominated the Mavericks right from the beginning of that game, taking a 10+ point lead by the end of the 1st quarter and hanging on to that lead, outscoring the Mavericks in 3/4 of the quarters in that game. I think the Warriors are hungry for another title this year after the way things have gone for them over the past few years with injury and I don't think they are going to waste this opportunity now that they are so close. They have looked great on their home court in this postseason and I see them having another strong start in this game, dominating it from the beginning again. The Mavericks didn't even put up 100+ points in the 1st game and that has been a bit of a common theme for them in the postseason now. They had 2/3 of their road games in their 1st series against the Jazz where they didn't put up 100+ points and now they have failed to even put up 90+ points in 2/3 of their previous 3 road games. I think the Mavericks are going to struggle in this road game yet again and I expect another great defensive effort from the Warriors here. The Warriors are dangerous because they have great defensive players on their team but they also shoot the 3 really well and I think the Warriors will put the Mavericks in a hole again with that great defense and then extend the gap with their ability from the arc. I see this being another dominant effort from the warriors on their home court here. I like the Warriors to cover the spread.

T.M. Prediction: 116-92 Warriors.