4* Money Maker

4* Money Maker

Dallas vs. Minnesota, 12/01/2016 20:25 EDT, Score: 17 - 15

Point Spread: -3½/+111 Dallas

Sportsbook: PinnacleSports

Result: Loss

Taking the COWBOYS here. How can we buck the numbers here? Hey. I will tell you it isn't easy going against a Zimmer defense getting points at home. But it isn't like we are laying a ton here. The Dallas OL is just a unit that wears down teams. Dak and Elliot are really unbelievable behind this line. There is really nothing else to say. As I have said in previous write ups and on my podcasts. It looks like Jason Garrett is actually coaching games now instead of hoping Tony Romo slings his way to victory by outscoring teams 40-38. The defense gets knocked for giving up 400 yards to Pitt and the Skins. But when teams go to the 'prevent' or what the gamblers like to call the prevent you from covering, teams are going to roll up uncontested yards. I don't think the Vikings are really in a spot right now to grab huge chunks of yardage when they are down 24-6, even vs a lax Cowboy secondary. 4* Money Maker DALLAS COWBOYS

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