San Diego State vs. Wyoming, 12/03/2016 19:45 EDT, Score: 27 - 24

Point Spread: +7/-115 Wyoming

Sportsbook: PinnacleSports

Result: Win

#330 - Wyoming +7 to 7.5 *7:45 EST

Every sharp in Vegas on the Cowboys for good reason. They already beat SDSU in here once and I think they do it again, as the Cowboys are undefeated at home this year and this is SDSU’s second trip here in 2 weeks, and those So Cal boys are not fond of cold weather either. With Wyoming already winning the Mountain West division they are in before a no show in a bad loss at New Mexico, rest assured they will be dialed in for this one. Head Coach Bohl is not a stranger to big games as he put North Dakota St on the Map and was a DC at Nebraska. Both teams lost ugly last week, this game lost all interest to many and the line is too high. Wyoming QB Allen the best QB in the game, and remember Boise St and Air Force as well as SDSU all went down here.

Play 1 Unit on Wyoming

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