Dallas vs. Minnesota, 12/01/2016 20:25 EDT, Score: 17 - 15

Point Spread: -3/-110 Dallas

Sportsbook: PinnacleSports

Result: Loss

Dallas -3

Hate taking road teams on Thursday Night but the Vikings offense is woeful and their vaunted defense is suspect against good run teams. Dallas’s success on offense is well documented, however while the Zek and Dak show grabs all the headlines, it is the offensive line and their ability to dominate the trenches that is key, and they flat out wear defenses down, especially late. Having 3 huge threats at WR with Beasley, Bryant and Whitten makes them the best offense in football because most team cannot cover in man coverage to stop the run. I do not see a shootout here but a rough and tuff tumble type game, and with the news that head coach Zimmer is out, who basically runs the defense and is a fiery head coach, and a good one, not sure of the chain of command in this game is going to be good for Minny. Dallas has 10 days off before their next game so not worried about the Giants on deck after Washington last Sunday. Short number here for a team on the rise and a consistent one who has lost just 1 spread all year, versus a very inconsistent team who really has struggled trading punches on the scoreboard against good teams.

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