monday ncaa

monday ncaa

Auburn vs. Oklahoma, 01/02/2017 20:30 EDT, Score: 19 - 35

Point Spread: -3/+100 Oklahoma

Sportsbook: Bookmaker

Result: Win

4 Unit Play. #282 Take Oklahoma Sooners over Auburn Tigers (Sugar Bowl, Monday, 1/2 8:30 pm ESPN) Bob Stoops loves to beat up on the SEC in meaningless bowl games and he will get another chance to accomplish this on Monday night. Auburn was not the same team down the stretch losing two of their last three games and now they must face a team that ran the table in the Big 12. Baker Mayfield just has too many weapons on offense for Auburn to keep up. This was not a typical Auburn offense as the Tigers relied more on their defense to win game. OU wins their 10th straight game as we collect in the process as well. Auburn will have their moments but just cannot match Oklahoma score for score.

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