Chase's 20* NFC EAST GOY

Chase's 20* NFC EAST GOY

Dallas vs. Philadelphia, 01/01/2017 13:00 EDT, Score: 13 - 27

Point Spread: -4/-114 Philadelphia

Sportsbook: PinnacleSports

Result: Win

This game features the 13-2 Cowboys and the 6-9 Eagles. This game means everything to the Eagles and nothing to the Cowboys who will be resting the bulk of their team by halftime. Dating back to 1990 NFL teams with a win percentage of .750 or better have been a money burning 7-22-1 24% ATS on the road in their final regular season game. 62% of the public are betting on the Cowboys yet this line just goes up and up giving them more points and lining up the public for the slaughter. Take the Eagles minus the points for a 20* winner.

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