Brandon Shively’s 10* CFP Championship ‘ATS’ Winner (Clemson/ Alabama)

Brandon Shively’s 10* CFP Championship ‘ATS’ Winner (Clemson/ Alabama)

Clemson vs. Alabama, 01/09/2017 20:00 EDT, Score: 35 - 31

Point Spread: +6½/+100 Clemson

Sportsbook: PinnacleSports

Result: Win

Play on Clemson Tigers Monday 8:05 PM EST

This is the game for all the ‘marbles’. I had to think about this game for a while, handicap it, and talk to some other sources. There is definite sharp money on Clemson here. Last year, I took the Tigers in the Championship game and won and am going to take them again tonight.

The biggest question I have concerning Alabama is the offensive playcalling. Last year, Bama DC Kirby Smart had accepted the coaching job at Georgia and the Tigers put up over 500 yards on Alabama. The Tigers had them. Saban went for a desperate onside kick to start the 2nd half. The concern for Bama here is the offensive playcalling. How much will Saban dictate the plays and or/ will new OC Steve Sarkisian implode or excel? To me, this is a big concern for Alabama and I feel the weight is more so on them than it is Clemson.

The Tigers are by far playing their best ball of the season. To hold Ohio State to 215 yards of offense is big. The Tide have a young 18 year old quarterback. Sure, he is good, but can the lack of experience get to him here and cause a few mistakes? I think there is a good chance. Clemson has a senior quarterback in Deshaun Watson. Watson came back to school to try and win a Championship. He will be ready to shine here.

From a value perspective, we have plenty of it. Clemson has only lost 2 games in the last 2 years. One by 5 to Bama last year and the other by 1 point vs Pittsburgh. They have only been outgained twice in their last 29 games. Yes, they outgained Alabama last year. Alabama is dominant, yes, but they have been outgained 3 times the last 2 years and one of those was Clemson.

On paper, this is an equal fight. Give me the generous amount of points here as the Clemson Tigers don’t go out without a helluva fight.


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