*10* TOTAL POWER ~ *WHITE HOT* 37-14-2 L53 MLB! 62-27-2 L91!

*10* TOTAL POWER ~ *WHITE HOT* 37-14-2 L53 MLB! 62-27-2 L91!

Washington vs. Oakland, 06/02/2017 22:05 EDT, Score: 13 - 3

Total: -110/+7½ Over

Sportsbook: PinnacleSports

Result: Win

10* Over Nationals/A's (10:05 ET): We again turn to the discussion of National League teams getting to play in American League parks. The obvious benefit here is the addition of the designated hitter to the lineup while the pitcher no longer has to come up to bat. In the case of the Nationals, this could be a very bad thing for the host Athletics. Washington is already near the top of MLB in all key offensive categories, including 2nd in runs scored and team batting average, third in OBP and 1st in slugging. Numbers at the plate were a little down in May, but that in no way affected the team's success. This will be just the 2nd time for the Nats getting to play in AL park this season. The Over was 2 for 2 in a quick visit to Baltimore last month. This trip comes at a good time as the DH spot should counteract the suspension of Bryce Harper. Take the Over.

Now Stephen Strasburg facing the A's lineup looks like a complete mismatch in favor of the former. Oakland swings and misses A LOT (19 times Wednesday!) and Strasburg, who has always been sharp in IL play, comes off an outing w/ 15 K's. But his L2 starts have also come against Atlanta and San Diego, two very light hitting teams. He'll have to deal w/ a DH too rather than the pitcher coming up to bat. Also, let's keep an eye on how deep into the game Strasburg goes. If he's lifted early, that could be a problem for the Nats as their bullpen remains a question mark. On the road, things have been quite ugly w/ the 'pen posting a 6.01 ERA and 1.640 WHIP. The A's will be looking to atone for yday's shutout loss in Cleveland and thankfully, they average about a full run per game more at home than they do on the road. Given Washington is the prohibitive favorite, there's a solid chance Oakland has to come up to bat in the bottom of the ninth. Those final three outs can sometimes be the difference between a game going Over or staying Under.

Meanwhile, the Nats average 5.5 rpg on the road, roughly an identical number as to what they average at home. Because Strasburg is on the hill, this O/U line is low. I look for the offense to take advantage of Andrew Triggs, who allowed six runs his last time out (admittedly, five were unearned). But Triggs also allowed six runs in his start previous to that one and all but one were earned. Earned or unearned, Triggs is still giving up plenty of runs and this will be the best offense he will have faced to date. In four of his last seven outings, he's allowed at least five runs. The wind is expected to be blowing OUT tonight, which theoretically should aid our cause as well. Potentially, there may be a few more home run balls as a result. The Over is 19-9-2 in Nats' night games this year. 10* Over Nationals/A's

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