4* Money Maker

4* Money Maker

San Francisco vs. Philadelphia, 06/02/2017 19:05 EDT, Score: 10 - 0

Money Line: +110 San Francisco

Sportsbook: Bookmaker

Result: Win

Taking the GIANTS here. Both teams on losing streaks, but I think SF gets off the snide tonight. They mustered 3 runs at home in the Nats series. Safe to say the coach isn't happy. I do like this kid Blach though. Don't be misled by his crazy road ERA. He was shelled in Cincy (8 in 3) in just his 3rd start (also 3 in 1 inning of relief in his 2nd outing of the year). He has given up 10 runs in his other 6 starts. 4* SF GIANTS

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