blue jays

blue jays

NY Yankees vs. Toronto, 06/03/2017 13:07 EDT, Score: 7 - 0

Money Line: -132 Toronto

Sportsbook: Bookmaker

Result: Loss

*3 Star MLB Early Bird Special* In the long run, home teams have done very well in early games on the weekend in Major League Baseball. In a large sample size of more than 2,000 games, betting the home team to win in game played between noon and 3 pm local time brought an ROI of 4.9% and made just over $10,000 for $100 per game bettors.

The Blue Jays are rolling now that they have gotten healthy again. This is a team that was predicted by many to finish ahead of the Yankees before the season started, and I think they do have a higher upside than New York.

Jordan Montgomery is a mediocre lefty at this stage of his career, and the Blue Jays middle of the order has a reputation for bashing left handed pitching.

Take Toronto.

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