5* Total Money

5* Total Money

Denver vs. Dallas, 10/06/2013 16:25 EDT, Score: 51 - 48

Total: -110/+55 Over

Sportsbook: BookMaker

Result: Win

Going OVER the total here. Might be a bit late on this Denver total thing, but I'll bite here. Let's just call it the way it is. The Broncos offense looks pretty much unstoppable. I'm a Cowboys fan, but this defense is not up to this task. Do I really have to post his numbers. Really 16TDs 0 INTs completing 75% of his passes. Who is cover Thomas? The guy is a beast. Welker in the slot? Decker going deep? Way too many weapons for Dallas to slow down. We have seen the Broncos give up points also. And to be fair, Romo has plenty of options in Witten and Dez. Williams, Harris and Escobar have been nice surprises also. Plus Murray in the backfield. I guess I should be shocked this total wasn't 60 to open. Would it really shock anyone when this is 28-20 at the half? or 24-21? Here are a couple more predictions in addition to this total. Both QBs throw INTs today. And both have 3TD and over 300 yards. I think Murray breaks off some big gains and goes over 100. I think the Denver RB combo does the same. 5* Total Money OVER Broncos/Cowboys

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