Chipper Posts 'Guaranteed' AL Wildcard Megabucks Winner

Chipper Posts 'Guaranteed' AL Wildcard Megabucks Winner

Tampa Bay vs. Cleveland, 10/02/2013 20:07 EDT, Score: 4 - 0

Money Line: -110 Tampa Bay

Sportsbook: TopBet

Result: Win

Rays over Indians- So, here we have the Cleveland Indians who were 21 games over .500 during the regular season an underdog in the opening round of Wild Card play against Tampa Bay who was just .500 on the road. The Indians has the best record in baseball in the month of September including a 10-game winning streak to close the season and yet they a dog at home. (and they are the higher seeded team) I think the advantage for the Rays comes from their starting pitching and today they are going with Alex Cobb (11-3, 2.76 ERA) who closed the year with three straight wins in each of his last three starts. The Tribe is throwing Danny Salazar to the wolves and leaving Justin Masterson in the bullpen. 'Big Mistake!' Take TAMPA BAY

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