Chip's 'Guaranteed' NFL Power Play (2-1)

Chip's 'Guaranteed' NFL Power Play (2-1)

Kansas City vs. Tennessee, 10/06/2013 13:00 EDT, Score: 26 - 17

Point Spread: +3/-105 Tennessee

Sportsbook: JustBet

Result: Loss

Kansas City at Tennessee 1:00 ET
Titans (+) over Chiefs- After the way these two clubs played last year it is shocking that they are a combined 7-1 entering week 5 of NFL play. Defense has been the key for both clubs as Kansas City allows a league low of 10.3 points per game while the Titans are surrendering 17.3 points per game. Ryan Fitzpatrick will be the starter for the Titans replacing Jake Locker who will be out for four to eight weeks. Alex Smith is leading to way for Kansas City as journeymen quarterback for both squads as Tennessee will show more at home. Take the TITANS!

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