4* Money-Maker

4* Money-Maker

Oakland vs. Detroit, 10/08/2013 17:07 EDT, Score: 6 - 8

Money Line: +145 Oakland

Sportsbook: JustBet

Result: Loss

Taking OAKLAND here. If you listened in to my podcast on Thursday night I said I thought the A's would win this series (also Boston, STL and LA). This A's bunch is always an under the radar unit. Even last year. They have a scrappy, not fancy line-up. But they can hit when the have to. They have power. But most importantly, pitching. Now Fister is the listed starter right now for the Tigers. I wouldn't be shocked to see Scherzer get a last second call though. Either way, I think the A's wrap this up. A's 9-2 last 11 as underdogs, 9-3 last 12 on the road and 5-1 in Straily's last 6 starts. A's 4-1 last 5 in Detroit and 5-2 last 7 in this series. As much as Detroit is a pichers park, Fister posted a .293 BA against here. My final thought on why the A's will win is simply this. Miggy has been banged up the last few weeks of the season. He is the engine to this Tigers team. If you have no gas in the tank, the car won't go anywhere. That is how I feel about Detroit with a less than 100% Miggy. 4* Money-Maker OAKLAND A's

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