Chip Posts 'Guaranteed' AL Playoff Money Game Winner

Chip Posts 'Guaranteed' AL Playoff Money Game Winner

Detroit vs. Oakland, 10/10/2013 20:07 EDT, Score: 3 - 0

Money Line: -116 Detroit

Sportsbook: SBGGLOBAL

Result: Win

Detroit at Oakland 8:00 ET
Tigers over A's- Talk about a pic-em situation this is it if you have ever seen one. Factors continue to set up both sides of the equation. To start with the A's are the Division winner with a better record, they have Bartolo Colon (18-7, 2.70 ERA) and a 53-30 home field advantage. The A's are up 19 units on the season while the Tigers are a minus 12 units. The equalizer to the entire puzzle comes from Jason Verlander (13-12, 3.36) who hasn't had his best of years and will look to atone for past playoff failure. Why are the Tigers the favorite...because they are the WINNER. Take DETROIT!

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