siena under

siena under

Manhattan vs. Siena, 02/02/2018 19:00 EDT, Score: 51 - 47

Total: -110/+130½ Under

Sportsbook: Bookmaker

Result: Win

*4 Star Play Under* The Siena Saints are using a new offense this year. It is much slower than they have run in past years. They were already using this slowed down attack before they lost key players, but now that they are without many offensive stars they have slowed down even further.

Siena lost star Nico Clareth after 15 games. He is the only guy on the team averaging double figures. With him off the team now, their leading scorer is averaging 9.7 points per game. Khalil Richard has been the team's top 3 point shooter this year, but he is expected to miss this game with an injury. He averages 8.1 ppg. Jordan Horn, who averages 7.5 ppg is questionable due to an injury here as well.

In 3 of Siena's last 4 games, they have played to a regulation pace of 59 possessions or slower. They are using a whopping 21.0 seconds of the shot clock on average.

Manhattan is the second slowest paced team on offense in the MAAC. Siena is the slowest. No one will be pushing the pace here.

Manhattan is 9th out of 11 in the MAAC in offensive efficiency. Siena is 11th. These two also turn it over more than any other teams in the league. Those wasted possessions should help out the under here.

Look for a sloppy low scoring game.

Take the under.

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