Indiana vs. LA Clippers

Indiana vs. LA Clippers

Indiana vs. LA Clippers, 04/01/2018 15:30 EDT, Score: 111 - 104

Point Spread: -2½/-110 LA Clippers

Sportsbook: PinnacleSports

Result: Loss

10-Unit Play #508 Take LA Clippers over Indiana (3:30 p.m. EST, Sunday April 1)
The Clippers have a couple different levels of motivation here. First, they lost to Indiana on the road a little over a week ago. It was a pretty close game throughout. Revenge is not an angle we use for NBA handicapping too much, but when the teams played recently it takes on a bigger importance, and we have no doubt that the Clips don’t want to look back at these two games against a beatable opponent and see that’s what kept them out of the playoffs. Secondly, the Clippers need to win every game they can. They are on the outside looking in for the playoff picture and they have a very tough schedule down the stretch while the Pacers are more secure in their playoff positioning. Lastly, the Clippers are coming off one of their worst games in a couple weeks last time out in Portland and they will want to put forth a better effort here. We thought this line should be closer to 5.5 so we think there is nice value here for Sunday!

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