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St Louis ML

St Louis ML

St. Louis vs. NY Mets, 04/01/2018 13:10 EDT, Score: 5 - 1

Money Line: -114 St. Louis

Sportsbook: Betonline

Result: Win

The Cardinals are off to a rough start but they bounce back today with their future 2018 ace going against a dicey Stephen Matz. The Mets are 2-8 in Matz's last 10 home starts and the Cardinals are 4-0 in Luke Weaver's last 4 road starts and the Cardinals are 8-1 in Weaver's last 9 starts. I was very high on Weaver going into the year so naturally I will take him here. Matz had a very rough year last year and had a 6.30 ERA in the spring.

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