Detroit vs. Brooklyn

Detroit vs. Brooklyn

Detroit vs. Brooklyn, 04/01/2018 18:00 EDT, Score: 108 - 96

Point Spread: +1½/-106 Detroit

Sportsbook: PinnacleSports

Result: Win

6-Unit Play #515 Take Detroit over Brooklyn (6 p.m. EST, Sunday April 1)
Detroit has won four straight and six of seven games, and we liked the way they played last night even though we were on the other side but they took care of business vs. New York in a tough spot. Both of these teams played last night but the Nets went to OT and played a more grueling game against the physical Heat. The Nets have been a team we have backed a lot this season as an underdog but we don’t trust this team as a favorite and we think they are a solid fade in this position. Also, the Pistons have faint playoff hopes so that gives them extra motivation in this matchup.

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