KevinThomas 10*MLB Top of the Ticket

KevinThomas 10*MLB Top of the Ticket

Philadelphia vs. NY Mets, 04/02/2018 19:10 EDT, Score: 0 - 0

Money Line: -124 NY Mets

Sportsbook: PinnacleSports

Result: Push

The Mets(2-1) have the pitchers and talent to win the NL East. M Harvey is a big question as he gets the start today against the Phillies(1-2). The bats have been popping scoring 16 runs in three games. The Phillies looked out of sink being in game 1, as Nola was pitching a gem and G Kepler pulled him around 60 pitches to lose the game. The Mets added bats and studs from last year are healthy. Lock in the Mets -ml.

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