4* Money-Maker

4* Money-Maker

Oklahoma State vs. Missouri, 01/03/2014 20:00 EDT, Score: 31 - 41

Money Line: +100 Missouri

Sportsbook: Pinnacle

Result: Win

Taking MISSOURI here. Now, both of these guys are off terrible conference championship losses. The Cowboys, in heartbreaking fashion as their bitter rivals score and TD with 19 seconds left, then the Sooners putsome extra whip cream on top with a defense fumble return for a TD for an added kick in the groin! Missouri was hanging with Auburn 45-42 before falling apart in the 4th losing 59-42. They gave up 545 yards rushing. 545 yards in a championship game! Okie State beat these guys 45-24 in 2011. Mizzu QB Franklin was a sophomore then, tossing 3 second half INTs. I am sure he remembers that game and wants a little pay-back. Both teams create TOs. But I think Missouri is a bit more balanced, and has a bit more to play for here. 4* Money-Maker MISSOURI TIGERS

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