BIG MONDAY O/U POWER-HOUSE (UVA/UNC) ~ 14-8 Overall L4 Days!

BIG MONDAY O/U POWER-HOUSE (UVA/UNC) ~ 14-8 Overall L4 Days!

Virginia vs. North Carolina, 02/11/2019 19:00 EDT, Score: 69 - 61

Total: -114/+142 Over

Sportsbook: PinnacleSports

Result: Loss

8* Over Virginia/North Carolina (7:00 ET): Virginia's vaunted defensive efficiency took a hit Saturday night as they allowed 57.8% shooting in an 81-71 loss to Duke. Under almost any "normal" circumstance, a return to "normalcy" would be expected the Hoos' next time out, but Monday is anything but a normal spot as they have to go to Chapel Hill to face North Carolina. As prolific as Duke is offensively, UNC is right there w/ them and possibly even stronger when factoring in the home court edge. The Tar Heels are #2 in the country in overall PPG (88.3) and here at home, they average a whopping 91.6. In other words, look for this to be another spot where we see more scoring than the "typical" Virginia game. Take the Over.

North Carolina did not start this season particularly strong. They had three losses before X-Mas, but over the last month or so, they've really caught fire. Since losing 83-62 to L'ville on 1.12, it's been seven consecutive wins, including avenging that loss to the Cardinals. Now it wasn't easy Saturday as they needed OT to get by Miami 88-85, a game they were favored to win by 15.5 points. Defensively, they've given up 181 pts the L2 games. They've also scored 201. For the purposes of tonight's total, note the Tar Heels have scored at least 75 pts every time during the seven game win streak. Note the only time previous to this that UNC played w/ just one days rest, that game easily went Over (beat Va Tech 103-82).

They might not be known for it, but Virginia can score too. They are a top five team in offensive efficiency, which is a higher ranking than the Tar Heels (per KenPom). They come in averaging 72.8 PPG for the season. They've been below that scoring average for three straight games now. As noted, North Carolina is not particularly stout defensively, so I expect a game similar to the Duke-Virginia one here. In their last eight games, the Tar Heels have given up at least 76 pts six different times. 8* Over Virginia/North Carolina

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