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Stephen Nover's NBA Saturday Destroyer

Stephen Nover's NBA Saturday Destroyer

Brooklyn vs. Philadelphia, 04/13/2019 14:30 EDT, Score: 111 - 102

Total: -110/+232 Under

Sportsbook: Bookmaker

Result: Win

This total may be priced right based on numbers and statistics. However, there are key elements that point to an Under.

The Nets are in the playoffs for the first time in four years. The 76ers are in a series where they are expected to win, so the pressure is on them. This should ensure a highly concentrated effort from both teams. Defensive intensity is ramped up during the playoffs.

Also note this is a very early starting time being a day game. The 76ers have hadn't their starting lineup intact since Tuesday when they managed just 99 points against the Heat. All five of the 76ers' starters sat out the team's final regular season game against the Bulls this past Wednesday. So there could be a rust factor. It would hurt the 76ers more on offense if Joel Embiid can't play. He's questionable with a sore knee.

The Nets could show tightness offensively lacking playoff experience. However, they have been playing outstanding defense holding the Heat to 94 points and Pacers to 96 points during their last two games.

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