sunday nhl

sunday nhl

Boston vs. Toronto, 04/21/2019 15:00 EDT, Score: 4 - 2

Money Line: -118 Toronto

Sportsbook: Betonline

Result: Loss

3-Unit Play. #080. Take Toronto over Boston (Sunday, April 21 at 3:05 p.m.)
**Note the Early 3pm Start Time**
We are still traveling so no time for a lengthy write-up. As per your selection on Toronto, we believe they have simply broken the will of the Bruins. The Bruins have played well during but have essentially nothing to show for their efforts. Toronto is the faster, deeper and more talented team and when the time calls for it, they've asserted themselves as the clear cut better team in this series. They are getting phenomenal goaltending by Andersen and the defensive unit - which was supposed to be the weak link of the team has held up well against the Bruins top line. This is the Leafs chance to win a playoff series for the first time in 15 years and we believe they get the job done tonight. They simply have to because hey don't want to go back to Boston for a Game 7.

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