Brian’s 9* MLB Breakfast Club

Brian’s 9* MLB Breakfast Club

Tampa Bay vs. NY Yankees, 05/18/2019 13:05 EDT, Score: 2 - 1

Money Line: -121 Tampa Bay

Sportsbook: PinnacleSports

Result: Win

Rays folded late Friday to lose a key game to the Yankees expect this team to be going all out on Sunday for a much needed win. This game is a revenge game for Snell who lost to Tanaka and the Yankees last week in Tampa. It’s no accident Tampa is favored as the books want plus money Yankees action don’t bite.

Rays are 11-2 in Snells last 13 starts during game 2 of a series.
Rays are 17-4 in Snells last 21 starts with 5 days of rest.

Invest 9 units on the Rays rotation #965

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