Golden State vs. Portland

Golden State vs. Portland

Golden State vs. Portland, 05/20/2019 21:00 EDT, Score: 119 - 117

Point Spread: -3½/+102 Golden State

Sportsbook: PinnacleSports

Result: Loss

5-Unit Play #501 Take Golden State over Portland (9 p.m. EST Monday May 20)
Golden State is playing some of their best basketball of the season right now. Maybe some of these players hate Kevin Durant and want to win in spite of him, but they have rallied around each other and things have been working out great. Portland, at the end of Game 3, reminded me of the old Clippers team when they would be close in the playoffs at the end of a game. They just completely fell apart and had no control of the ball. They were just hoisting prayer shots up. They were basically panicking with their season on the line and the Warriors were cool, calm and collected. Portland needed that Game 3 to have any chance in this series. They are sunk now. And with a good chance to win heading into the fourth and with the way they played (and something isn’t right with Lillard right now), we don’t see how they can pick themselves up and be competitive here in this elimination game.

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