Earliest Cash NFLX 8*

Earliest Cash NFLX 8*

Denver vs. Atlanta, 08/01/2019 20:00 EDT, Score: 14 - 10

Point Spread: +3/-125 Atlanta

Sportsbook: Betonline

Result: Loss

Earliest Cash - Rickenbach NFLX Rotation #242 Thursday 8* Atlanta Falcons (+) vs Denver Broncos @ 8 ET - Atlanta was as high as a -2 favorite when lines first came out. Now the Falcons are as high as +3 underdog. I am well aware of the fact that Atlanta doesn't have a good history of winning in preseason under head coach Dan Quinn and the fact that Denver has a new head coach. However, Vic Fangio certainly isn't new to the NFL. The Broncos head coach has been a defensive coordinator for multiple decades at the NFL level. In other words, the fact that first year head coaches tend to get backed by the betting markets in the preseason has simply led to extra line value in a case like this. Are the Broncos (and HC Fangio) really that much hungrier for a win here? Truly the answer is no! This is preseason and simply a chance for teams to work on things and evaluate personnel. That is particularly the case in an early-season (and extra) preseason contest like the Hall of Fame Game. That said, I am happy to take the underdog here and fade the line movement. In my opinion, the odds makers had it right with the original line set on this game and I am grabbing the extra line value with the Falcons. 8* ATLANTA

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