Wise Guy

Wise Guy

San Diego vs. LA Dodgers, 08/01/2019 22:10 EDT, Score: 2 - 8

Money Line: +187 San Diego

Sportsbook: Betonline

Result: Loss

Big divisional dogs under specific circumstances that apply today are +135 units and 6.8 ROI. This is a perfect example of the difference between and sharp and square. Yes, frankly this particular angle only hits at 40.4 percent, but makes big money. But it is a quintessential example of value. Road team versus quality foe under specific situations is +171.91 +6.9 ROI. Go with less successful pitcher season to date based on W-L record is +223.0 units and 6.5 ROI. Rare case when all three apply is 18-16 for 42 ROI.

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