Brian’s 10* MLB President’s Choice

Brian’s 10* MLB President’s Choice

San Francisco vs. Colorado, 08/03/2019 20:10 EDT, Score: 6 - 5

Money Line: -126 Colorado

Sportsbook: PinnacleSports

Result: Loss

Clearly the best play on the board as the squares are still in love with the San Francisco Giants as we see 69% of the bets and 90% of the money early this morning on them but the line is moving fast the other way to deter Rockies money. Rockies over the years are much better in Colorado and yes Bumgarner is good lifetime at Coors but I love Jon Gray and I see the Rockies making a late season run.

Rockies are 10-1 in Grays last 11 starts with 4 days of rest.
Rockies are 6-1 in Grays last 7 home starts.
Rockies are 5-1 in Grays last 6 starts after scoring 5 runs or more in their previous game.

Invest 10 units on the Rockies here rotation #910

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