10* NFL Pre-season Sure Shot

10* NFL Pre-season Sure Shot

Tampa Bay vs. Pittsburgh, 08/09/2019 19:30 EDT, Score: 28 - 30

Point Spread: +2½/-102 Tampa Bay

Sportsbook: PinnacleSports

Result: Win

This looks like a first week bargain to me. Mike Tomlin has never cared much about the pre-season and I see no reason the Steelers coach suddenly changes his typical August regimen. I think things are far different in Tampa. Bruce Arians is really pumping things up, wants some excitement right out of the gate and motivating his team. The Bucs are committed to running the football this season and I expect that to be a focal point here regardless of which QB is on the field. For me, betting the preseason is all about finding the team that probably wants it more and I definitely believe that to be Tampa Bay here. Blane Gabbert will get the majority of the snaps in this game and we'll back Tampa on Friday in Pre-season NFL action.

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