5* Best Bet

5* Best Bet

Green Bay vs. Chicago, 09/05/2019 20:20 EDT, Score: 10 - 3

Point Spread: +3½/-117 Green Bay

Sportsbook: PinnacleSports

Result: Win

Taking GREEN BAY to open up the season. So real fast - You know we had a nice season in 2018. In 2017 we led ALL handicappers in NFL. And going back to 2010 and over 1000 picks, we are cashing at a 56% clip. This season, I feel a 60+ % season on deck. I've redone worked some numbers, and man, if I adjusted faster last season we would have added at a minimum, a half dozen more wins. -- For 2019 kick-off though, we are grabbing the dogs. I've said in videos already that I expect the Bears to take a step back. Losing their DC will be felt, especially early. Let's not forget that even though we cashed Chicago when they jumped to that 20-0 lead before losing 24-23. I still don't expect Mitch to outperform Aaron. Rodgers, I feel, has a lot to prove. New HC and now he has to show that his old HC was keeping him down. Getting a nice number, have to play the division dogs with a chip on their shoulder. 5* Best Bet GREEN BAY PACKERS

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