4* Money Maker

4* Money Maker

Baltimore vs. Miami, 09/08/2019 13:00 EDT, Score: 59 - 10

Point Spread: -6/-111 Baltimore

Sportsbook: PinnacleSports

Result: Win

Taking the RAVENS. Will tell you this, thought about taking Miami before this monster trade. Stills, Landry, Drake, FitzMagic. You had some pros that, even though this is a rebuilding team, they wouldn't just not show up. Now you trade a franchise OL and your best WR. The surrender flag has been raised. I think Baltimore would be an average team this year. Nothing sexy. I know they win every preseason. Would like to see Lamar take a step forward at QB before really getting behind these guys. No way we see Rosen now that the OL has been weakened. The total tells us what exactly Vegas thinks of both of these teams. From what I read before this trade, they players didn't want Clowney for Tunsil. They can't be happy that he was dealt. If this team was tanking before the season, then they are officially dead man walking now. 4* Money Maker BALTIMORE RAVENS

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