Chip's 'Guaranteed' NL Highest-Rated Megabucks

Chip's 'Guaranteed' NL Highest-Rated Megabucks

San Diego vs. San Francisco, 09/01/2019 16:05 EDT, Score: 8 - 4

Money Line: +120 San Diego

Sportsbook: TopBet

Result: Win

San Diego at San Francisco 4:05 ET
Padres over Giants- Well, it appears that San Francisco's run toward the playoffs is over as they have lost four of their last five and have fallen 3-games under .500. Jeff Samardzija (9-10, 3.38 ERA) gets the home start against the Padres at home a team that is nine-games under .500 and yet is favored here. San Diego will start Eric Lauer (7-8, 4.48) and he has a 5.93 ERA on the road but he is favored here although he is 2-0 against the Giants. With Samardzija 9-3 lifetime against the Padres this line makes no sense but San Diego is 8-3 in the last 11 meetings Take SAN DIEGO!

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