Contrarian Crusher MLB 10*

Contrarian Crusher MLB 10*

Philadelphia vs. Cincinnati, 09/02/2019 14:10 EDT, Score: 7 - 1

Money Line: +139 Philadelphia

Sportsbook: PinnacleSports

Result: Win

Contrarian Crusher - Rickenbach MLB Rotation #903 Monday 10* Top Play Philadelphia Phillies Money Line (+) @ Cincinnati Reds @ 2:10 ET - When the first pitch leaves Anthony DeSclafani's hand in this one, the Reds will be beginning their 5th game in a span of 48 hours! It is an odd scheduling quirk but Cincinnati ended up playing a double-header at St Louis BOTH Saturday and Sunday. Now the Reds have an early game Monday which complicates matters for them. Sure the Phillies played last night too but at least they played only 1 game both Saturday and Sunday unlike the crazy schedule Cincinnati has endured over this Labor Day weekend. Overall, in looking at the Monday card this is the only game where you have a legitimate playoff contender that is a sizable dog against a team that is nearly eliminated from the playoff race. When you also factor in the scheduling situation here, this spot offers great line value on Philadelphia. The Reds have only faced Smyly for a total of THREE innings since 2013. The point is they have very little familiarity with him. The Phillies have seen much more of Anthony DeSclafani. Also, the Reds right-hander is off a great start but it came at Miami against a horrible Marlins team. In his first 3 starts in the month of August, DeSclafani allowed 13 earned runs in 14 and 1/3 innings. He has walked 3 batters in each of his last 3 home starts and went only 5 innings in each start. DeSclafani is being overvalued here and so are his Reds teammates. Cincinnati has averaged just 6 hits per game in their past 6 games and has had not more than 7 hits in ANY of those 6 games. The Phillies have averaged 11.5 hits per game in their past 6 games. 10* PHILADELPHIA

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