texas state

texas state

Wyoming vs. Texas State, 09/07/2019 19:00 EDT, Score: 23 - 14

Point Spread: +7/-105 Texas State

Sportsbook: TopBet

Result: Loss

*3 Star Play on Texas State* There are several key factors working against Wyoming in this game.

Wyoming is coming off a huge upset win over Missouri last weekend. The Cowboys were outplayed badly in that one, but Missouri's turnovers helped them pull off the upset. This is a tough spot after that kind of game.

Wyoming is going to a place they aren't accustomed to going, and the weather isn't going to be helpful here either. The game time temperature is expected to be 98 degrees. Texas State is accustomed to this kind of heat, but Wyoming isn't.

Wyoming lost their star defensive coordinator from last year to Kansas State. I think that hurts them quite a bit this year.

Texas State has a new coach and this is their home opener against a team off a big win. This is a great opportunity for Texas State.

Take Texas State.

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