Chip's 'Guaranteed' Highest-Rated Megabucks Winner

Chip's 'Guaranteed' Highest-Rated Megabucks Winner

Kansas City vs. Jacksonville, 09/08/2019 13:00 EDT, Score: 40 - 26

Point Spread: +3½/-105 Jacksonville

Sportsbook: Bodog

Result: Loss

Kansas City at Jacksonville 1:05 ET
Jaguars (+) over Chiefs- Although the 'books' are heavy on the Chiefs to win the Super Bowl and heavy with the 'public' money so far in this encounter but aware the 'Sharps' in Las Vegas keep taking the hook (+3.5) and it will be tough to get more than +3. Straight-up if that's the way you want me to play it maybe the remnants of hurricane 'Missed-Ya' will leave the field soggy and muddy and the Kansas City passing game will suffer. Okay, well, if not Jacksonville will run the ball right at them and play strong pressure defense. Either way or another the Jags get it done. Take JACKSONVILLE!

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