Power Sports' 10* Interleague GAME OF THE MONTH ~ 59-39-2 L100 MLB!

Power Sports' 10* Interleague GAME OF THE MONTH ~ 59-39-2 L100 MLB!

Washington vs. Minnesota, 09/10/2019 19:40 EDT, Score: 0 - 5

Money Line: -138 Minnesota

Sportsbook: PinnacleSports

Result: Win

10* Minnesota (7:40 ET): As pleased as I've been to see Washington rise back to prominence (they were on my most improved list for 2019), this is a bad matchup for them in Minnesota. The Nats didn't have a good weekend, dropping three of four in Atlanta, which effectively ended any chance they had of winning the NL East. We still believe they get into the playoffs as a Wild Card, but a second straight series against a division leader (on the road) is tough. This is an unfamiliar environment as well as it's park the franchise has NEVER played at (last visited Minnesota in 2008).

It also wasn't a great weekend for the Twins, who similarly were facing their main competition from within the division. They lost two of three to the Indians, here at home, but w/ a 5.5 game lead they'll likely be in the playoffs as well. Interestingly, the Twins are 38-17 off a loss this season. They won the middle game of the Cleveland series, so that trend held. Over the last month, the AL Central leaders have dropped B2B games only one time. We all know what this team is capable of offensively as they entered the week tied w/ the Yankees for the highest runs per game average (5.8) in all of MLB.

Looking at the pitching matchup, both starters are coming off rough outings. Washington's Anibal Sanchez gave up seven runs in five innings his last time out while Minnesota's Jose Berrios allowed six in five. Our view is that Berrios is the one more likely to bounce back. Yes, Sanchez had won his eight prior decisions before losing his last start, but this is the same pitcher who opened 2019 by going 0-6 his first eight starts. He gave up three home runs in that last start. Berrios, a two-time All Star, has allowed more than 3 ER in a start only three times since Memorial Day. Look for the Twins to beat the Nationals for the 1st time since 2013. 10* Minnesota

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