Easy Eddie's 20* MLB Afternoon Winner!

Easy Eddie's 20* MLB Afternoon Winner!

Milwaukee vs. Miami, 09/12/2019 13:10 EDT, Score: 3 - 2

Money Line: +122 Miami

Sportsbook: PinnacleSports

Result: Loss

20* Miami Marlins
We got done dirty by the Reds again. This time a no hitter through 6 and then the late collapse. We will just buckle up and bounce back today with a winner in the MLB and NFL. I am taking the Marlins at home today behind Caleb Smith, who is a respectable 8-9 with a 4.11 ERA on a team in full rebuild. The upside is he is even better at home with a 6-3 mark and a 3.46 ERA. Look for a quality outing from Smith as they Yelich-less Brewers get handed a loss. Take Miami!

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